Rainbow Baby Maternity Event

As I have shared before in brief , I experienced a miscarriage in February 2016 and am now, praise God, 31 weeks deep into my second pregnancy with our Rainbow Baby, Evelyn Maeve. I  was recently privileged to participate in a wonderful event promoting honesty, openness, and hope in the discussion of miscarriage, the Rainbow Baby Maternity Event conducted by Jennifer Rittenberry Photography. Here is a link to my story in more detail and the stories of the six other mamas who are celebrating the life of their current and past children.

A huge thank you to Jennifer for coordinating and hosting this wonderful event! Friends, please share the idea with other photographers you may know, together we can end the silence and bring hope to secretly hurting parents. #RainbowBabyMaternityEvent #jlritt

Nikki is the seventh and final mommy in our series of Rainbow Baby Maternity Photography Sessions. We’ll be sharing her heartbreaking history with infant loss and how she became a rainbow mommy. If you missed the first post with all of the Rainbow Mommies, you can catch it here. Our Rainbow Baby is due June […]

via Crestwood KY Rainbow Baby Maternity Photographer | Nikki Falvey’s Story | www.jlritt.com — Jennifer Rittenberry Photography


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