Shameless Homemaking

Sorry for the long delay between posts; there have been a lot of transitions and other writing opportunities that sapped my energy from here. Since last writing, I have: stepped down from my career, moved across the country, and continued to grow a new human in my belly. Go big or go home, right?? Needless to … More Shameless Homemaking

Challenging Feminism

Thanks to BeautyBeyondBones for boldly sharing her perspective on feminism and the current national mood. I couldn’t say it any better myself so am sharing in solidarity with her. BeautyBeyondBones Lately, it’s been really weird to be a woman. Not because of any fashion or makeup trends…although, I will say…I don’t quite understand the reemergence of … More Challenging Feminism

The Stage is Set for Us

Holy smokes! Or maybe I should say, holy Smokey Mountains! Who knew a vacation to the landlocked Volunteer State could wreak such havoc on our life trajectory!  Let me explain.  Husband and I just returned from spending nearly two weeks visiting family in Kentucky and friends in Tennessee. We are Californians born and bred (or … More The Stage is Set for Us

Waiting on the One

Good evening, friends! I write this in the midst of a twelve-hour-long graveyard shift so forgive me if I am not completely coherent. Just be grateful it’s not so late that I am composing songs to mice, as I did between 3am and 5am last night. The embarrassment level of these songs is probably only … More Waiting on the One